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The billing for RHZ 2018 is growing – next three bands confirmed!

Nov 27th, 2018 | von |

We thought we give you three more bands before the advent season starts, so the excitement about 2019 sweetens the week until you light up the first candle – this time you can expect:

– an UFO full of Melodic Death Metal – HYPOCRISY!
– a winking visit in a medieval tavern with FEUERSCHWANZ
– Fantastic Power Metal with imaginative to real stories from FREEDOM CALL


Peter Tägtgren has been visiting the Harz Mountains often in the past years, yet mostly under the flag of PAIN. It’s been a little longer since he got his crew of HYPOCRISY to land on the Ballenstedt airfield. But in 2019, the time has finally come for another visit from outter space with hits like „Roswell 47“ – HYPOCRISY at ROCKHARZ 2019!


Entertaining medieval rock with lots of funny stories – this is how Hauptmann Feuerschwanz, Johanna von der Vögelweide and Co. have been enthusing festival and concert audiences. After their success album „Sex Is Muss“ (2017), they’ve released another great one called „Methämmer“ this year. Two years after their last appearence, they return in 2019 – FEUERSCHWANZ!


Melodic and catchy: FREEDOM CALL are a Power Metal institution. The last time they visited our festival was in 2012 and since than, a lot of things have happend, but their last record „Master Of Light“ is a regulary visitor in our player. From stories about Merlin to Babylon or real criticism of the society – this band does not only have great songs,but they also have something to say. We are looking forward to FREEDOM CALL!

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