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It’s finally done and so here it is: The long-awaited running order for this year’s ROCKHARZ can be found HERE and is also available as PDF download. Please note that it is possible that the running order might change. So please have a look from time to time on our social media channels. Day tickets […]

Another trio for 2019!

Brrr, it’s getting uncomfortable outside. Time for some warm thoughts – and what could be better than another trio for ROCKHARZ 2019? Right, nothing! Newly confirmed are: – a great dancing class for gleeman with SALTATIO MORTIS – an exhausting training for your neck with Thrash Metal à la LEGION OF THE DAMNED – a […]

Early bird packages are sold out – festival tickets available now

Our early bird packages are sold out. From now on, you can order the regular festival ticket for 109,80 Euro in our shop. It includes the festival entry as well as regular camping and parking.

AMON AMARTH – Headliner at ROCKHARZ 2019

It’s done. After seven years, AMON AMARTH will be back on stage at ROCKHARZ! They will only play three festival shows in Germany and we are very proud that one of them is at ROCKHARZ. AMON AMARTH is the most wished-for band in our community… by far! Furthermore, they will most likely have a new […]


We are sure that you will have packed your bottle of rum. Because MR. HURLEY & DIE PULVERAFFEN will bring a lot of party with them, when they set their sails to the Harz Mountains in July. The pirate gang will, next to their own songs, have some classic seaman music aboard, and you will […]


#3 in the German album charts. First class German Punk Rock. Lyrics full of social critism. This could be the right headline for the Frankfurt-based frequent visitors of the billboard charts. Their last record „Die Nacht mein Freund“ has so much balls to show that you will not only drink to songs such as „Wilde […]


How does Epic Death Metal work? KAMBRIUM found a receipt that brings Melodic Death Metal and symphonic Power Metal togehter and creats something very special. Their last and third record „The Elder’s Realm“ is a demonstration on how heaviness and epic harmonies can collide and become a mighty epos, and we just HAD to have […]


Death and transience are written in huge letters over the whole concept of this band’s art. Stylistically, the band consisting of musicians from – among others – Eisregen and The Vision Bleak, knows no boundaries… but their art is always dark, and it is always rocking. Their latest album „Schlaflieder“ (2016) puts once again more […]


Two guys and what a mighty boom! Formed in 2012, the band’s name has been spread like fire throughout the metal scene t right after the release of their debut album „Death By Burning“. Harsh Sludge/Doom Metal meets the punk influences of the two musicians. Last year they celebrated their label debut at Nuclear Blast […]


Guys, the time has come to start again! Since our pre-sale has started pleasently, we thought it’s time to let you know the next three bands for ROCKHARZ 2017: ICED EARTH, LORD OF THE LOST and DESERTED FEAR are the next names for the billing. We hope that you’ll find in this announcement a few […]