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THE BEST OF THE BLESSED! POWERWOLF is going to be headliner at ROCKHARZ 2020 with an exclusive show!

Dec 3rd, 2019 | von |

Hardly any other metal band has had such a steep career in the recent years than this quintet. At their last guest performance in 2018 the release of their No.1 album “The Sacrament Of Sin” was imminent. What followed was an almost everywhere sold out triumphal procession through the biggest concert halls. At the end of this two-year cycle the band now returns to the Harz mountans with an exclusive “BEST OF THE BLESSED” show to celebrate a worthy festival closing mass. Part of their performance at ROCKHARZ will be an extensive signing session as well as some exclusively performed songs and surprise actions, which will make the heart of every POWERWOLF fan beat faster. Let yourself be blessed! The wolves are coming!

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