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ROCKHARZ 2020: Three sweet Halloween treats

Oct 31st, 2019 | von |

Well, did you all slip into your costumes to go hunting for something sweet? You won’t find anything sour with us and don’t need any costume – because we have three treats for you. So happy Halloween!


Long, long they’d been gone, almost as long as they’ve been back. The Swedes are without a doubt one of the most influential bands for Melodic Death and, yes, also Metalcore. If you don’t get your ears slapping through “Slaughter Of The Souls” and then your heart jumps out of your mouth, we can’t help you anymore. But even after their big reunion in 2008, the guys didn’t forget anything and found a lot of fun in playing Death Metal again. With “At War With Reality” (2014) and “To Drink From The Night Itself” (2018) they catapulted the early nineties into the here and now – Ladies and Gentlemen: AT THE GATES!


Influences from bands such as Iced Earth and Iron Maiden, mixed into a very unique sound. These Canadians have definitely found their own style. In addition, there is an enormous vocal power of female and male vocals as well as guttural vocals. Since a few years, the band founded in 2007, has been going uphill and with their fifth album “Explorers” (2019), they have finally anchored themselves in the scene. It’s time for another premiere at ROCKHARZ 2020: UNLEASH THE ARCHERS!


And when we are talking about Halloween, there’s a bit of a creepy feeling to it. Clearly in the tradition of King Diamond, this Germans have developed tremendously. Scary stage setups, a singer who does the King every credit and yet has a flair of his own. If you don’t know them yet, you should definitely listen to their current album “Sanctimonious” (2017) and get yourself some goosebumps. For the first time with us at the ROCKHARZ: ATTIC!

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