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ROCKHARZ 2020: Three Bands for the Summer

Dec 12th, 2019 | von |

Enjoying Christmas time? While everyone is decorating their houses and trees, we are decorating our billing for ROCKHARZ 2020. Here comes the next three-pack:


Just recently, the Finns released “Heart Like A Grave” and it happened again: We are completely immersed in the melancholic, heavy melodies they play on each of their Albums. With their thrilling atmosphere, they make sure that the environment becomes unreal every time. In 2017, they were at the ROCKHARZ Open Air the last time, and in 2020, they will take on the journey from beautiful Finland on again to take you away from the heat of everyday life. Ladies and Gentlemen: INSOMNIUM


Anton Kabanen founded the Finnish band after leaving BATTLE BEAST. What followed was a Power Metal success story. 2017 saw the release of the debut album “Berserker”, with which the band immediately gained a huge fan base and shot straight into the charts. At the beginning of the year, the next hammer followed: “From Hell With Love” grabbed 6th place in the German album charts and is also one of the best albums this year for us. Sure, this band finally has to celebrate their premiere at ROCKHARZ: BEAST IN BLACK!


After things didn’t go that well with the Northern Germans in the early days, they have now become a fixture in the German Death Metal scene. Already their 2017 guest performance in the beautiful Harz mountains was celebrated by you, and since the five already swung the next wrecking ball this year, it’s time to welcome them back – certainly with songs from the current album “Procession of Ghosts” (2019). Welcome DAWN OF DISEASE!

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