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NEW in 2019

Jun 27th, 2019 | von |


As there have been lots of requests for a better organisation of the waiting area in front of the merchandise booth, we have arranged something new: lightweight barriers will be used to form an ordered queue. The main merchandise booth will also be open on the day of arrival (Tuesday). This will hopefully rectify the waiting situation at the merchandise booth.

Cuts of shirts:
This year, we made the men’s T-shirts a little longer and loosened the normal girlie shirts slightly from the cut.

Limited edition of special zippers:
For the first time, we offer a special zipper. On the one hand, it has numerous embroidered and woven applications, and on the other hand, it comes with a stand-up collar in addition to the hood and a slightly heavier overall design, so it will keep you warm even at slightly lower temperatures.


This year, we have once more focused on the implementation of somewhat stricter instructions at the campsite on arrival. In order to avoid that guests who arrive very early practice themselves in too abundant “conquest”, we are going to organise the arrival better for everyone. We are aware that there is a desire, especially for groups arriving at different times, to keep a place for the whole group. However, we have found that this has been abused in recent years, partly to the detriment of later arriving guests. In the end, many later arrivals had problems to find a spot, while some “big landowners” had acquired a lush area and speculatively reserved it in colonial style. Therefore, we ask you to follow the instructions of the personal in the sense of a peaceful coexistence of all ethnic Metal groups and to refrain as much as possible to block unnecessarily large areas.

Our tips (goes for the following years as well):
1. Meet your group, if possible, BEFORE you arrive at the campsite in one of the surrounding villages and travel TOGETHER. Then it is not a problem to camp together as group.
2. If a part of your group cannot arrive until one of the following days, talk to the referrers and clarify the situation on the ground.
3. For the future: plan your arrival as a group beforehand, if you have a sufficient number of people, reserve an area in advance.

We know that this topic certainly has its controversies. Nevertheless, in the interest of equality of treatment and accessibility of certain important points and all paths at the campsite, we would like to proceed like this in 2019 and hope for your understanding. In the past years, important points had been blocked and needed significant readjustment, for example to ensure rescue route widths and toilet points accessibility at all times.


Our twin stage will be even bigger at this year’s ROCKHARZ. We hope that this development will increase your visual comfort as well as the possibility for bands to play even bigger shows.


Everybody wants the sun to shine at the festival… and when it is there, everyone is looking for a shady spot despite everything.
We have taken care of this wish. There will not only be a large spider tent this year, but we also have extra large, roofed group tables and more fixed umbrellas installed in order to provide more shade. In addition, we have included straw hats as sun protection in this year’s merchandise offer.


To speed up the departure, we will have another point to grab your poster, primarily for the reserved areas and caravan parking spots. You will find the exact position on the festival map.


By popular request, especially from the ladies, we have installed a wine and sparkling wine bar this year. Quality wines from Germany as well as various Seccos will be served.

Immer wissen was es neues gibt?