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New bands for ROCKHARZ Open Air 2020! Two Frankfurters and one Thuringian!

Sep 25th, 2019 | von |

What seems like an ambitious order at a sausage booth at first sight, is something completely different at the second! Three new bands for next year’s festival will be offered to you today, ushering in our 2020 release round. The only thing that is fried here are fat chords! Here we go!


On November 29th, 2019, the journey finally continues. One of THE exceptional phenomena inside and outside the dark scene is going to release “Kosmonautlilus”. Their journey will also lead them to us once more in order to cast another spell over you. Look forward to driving guitar riffs, rousing electro elements and folky melodies. The Frankfurt-based Dark Rockers have experienced thrilling cycles in their band history, including Schwarzer Schmetterling and the stories of the sorcerer’s apprentice Krabat”. Whether new or old material, this band will enchant you musically and lyrically in July. We are looking forward to welcome them again: ASP!


The love for beer is just as guaranteed as the sound of the future on that magical barley juice in thrash robe. In 2020 the signs … stand up, okay, the tap. But that’s not all, because the next Frankfurters at the ROCKHARZ Open Air 2020 will have even more in their luggage, more love songs and some completely new ones. Recently they announced the release of their next Thrash Metal poembook in summer 2020, and they are going to water it on our pretty field. So comb your hair, straighten your frock and raise the glass: TANKARD are coming!


A lot has happened since their last visit with us, although not (yet) in the form of new albums. But their mixture of Black and Pagan Metal as well as other stylistic experiments inspired us back then. Unfortunately, it took a few years, but now something is happening in the Thuringian forest, and next to some shows, new songs seem to come into being. They have already shown live that the new-old GERNOTSHAGEN are stronger and more impressive than ever, and we are looking forward to finally diving into Germanic mythology with them again!

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