Met Amensis Metalflirt


COPPELIUSPut on your hats, clean the clarinet, tune the strings, stretch the drums and let’s go! COPPELIUS redefine the metal. The guys from Berlin did that what nobody dared to do before. Instead of using electric guitars and bass COPPELIUS uses clarinet, contrabass and cello. Sometimes clear and sometimes with distortion. In this way COPPELIUS create a fictive world, set in the middle of the 19. century. In their lyrics they describe the experience of the time travelers, thoughts about the modern people, black romantic horror stories and drug experience. This style is also used on stage. Frock coat, hat, an own butler and a lot of absinth transforms their show to the perfect time travel. This year at ROCKHARZ, they will make the audience scream “Da Capo” instead of “encore”.