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ROCKHARZ Open Air 2020: The next hattrick lurks

Oct 10th, 2019 | von |

The sun of Brazil, the beautiful landscapes of Finland and a trip to our neighbourhood – all this is waiting for you now in the new three-pack announcement for ROCKHARZ Open Air 2020. Look forward to:


A name that jumps through Metal history and is always present. They are the undisputed groove masters and have some classics in their repertoire, among them is of course the legendary and style-defining “Roots”. But also in the last years they have conquered the charts regularly, and where they appear, there is moshing, trembling and jumping. One of the most arousing live bands of all times will come from Brazil to the ROCKHARZ Open Air in 2019: SEPULTURA!


Founded in 1995 by the Sorvali brothers, this Finnish band has gained an excellent reputation over the years. In 2012 they wrapped the Devil’s Wall in darkness with their epic Pagan Metal and in the following years they added the mighty “Jumalten aika”. In 2020, the time has finally come again for the Finnish darkness to haunt the Harz Mountains: MOONSORROW!


Time for another ROCKHARZ premiere. The Belgians offer Speed Metal at its best and have been sweeping through our plant at regular intervals for a long time. On the program is an incredibly tight riffing, gripping leads and a pleasant old-school attitude that always pulls us out of today’s fast pace. Not that the guys would make slow music … no, they only have an unbelievable charm, which reached its climax in 2017 on “Feed Me Violence”. If you haven’t got a patch on your toes yet, you should make up for it as soon as possible – the EVIL INVADERS are coming.

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