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ROCKHARZ 2020: Three ROCKHARZ premieres in July

Jan 30th, 2020 | von |

Well, we just can’t settle down. The ROCKHARZ billing for 2020 is growing and thriving and we have the next refill for you. So sit back, think about the coming July despite the cold, grey weather and be happy about another three band confirmations. All three bands are at ROCKHARZ for the first time!

New confirmed are:


In Finland, they are celebrated heroes, and in this country, they are also among the most popular dark rock bands. For years, they have been regulars in the German album charts, and their latest dark masterpiece “West End” has also stuck in the Top 100. It is clear that the band, founded in 1990, finally had to be on the ROCKHARZ bill, and dear friends of dark and rocky sounds, 2020 is finally here: THE 69 EYES!


Friends, has the ROCKHARZ premiere fever gotten to you as much as it did us? Oh, well: these buccaneers have gathered in 2012, though parts of their crew are all too familiar to us. Founded by Hotze Knasterbart, whom you might also know as Malte Hoyer (VERSENGOLD), Fummelfips Knasterbart alias Mr. Hurley joined the hustle and bustle shortly after. Meanwhile, they are on the road as a complete band now and have already released five folk metal hit albums. Their last album “Perlen vor die Säue” is only two months old and friends, it’s time to go, KNASTERBART at ROCKHARZ 2020!


All good things come in threes, as we all know, and so today’s cheerful announce round should end with another ROCKHARZ debut. René Thomsen has long been a household name to connoisseurs of the scene: roadie, technician, tour manager and now successful entrepreneur as backliner and of course a passionate metalhead. The workaholic wrote and completed his first songs in 2007, found a fantastic singer in Jürgen Wulfes and with the help of many friends from the music business, he was able to release his first album in 2009. That was a while ago, and after the second album it became quiet around him for a while. But in 2020, he is back again with his band THOMSEN and also participates at ROCKHARZ for the first time!

Immer wissen was es neues gibt?