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ROCKHARZ 2020: Three new bands

Oct 1st, 2019 | von |

Dear ROCKHARZler, let’s make this one quick. As we have promised, the next wave of announcements is rolling and we don’t want to keep you on the rack any longer. So here are the next three bands for ROCKHARZ Open Air 2020!


They are undoubtedly the vertical starters in Progressive Metalcore in the last few years. Coming from the Ukraine, they have already spun the underground with their first two albums. At the latest since their 2016 album “King Of Everything,” they have had a worldwide fan scene. And the troop around energy bundle Tetjana Schmajljuk is a demolition squad on stage anyway. Finally they can be seen live at our place and with a new album in their luggage – because on October 25th, 2019, they will release their fifth album “Macro”. Welcome to the beautiful Harz: JINJER!


It’s been some time since this death metal legend came to visit us. But the Swedes haven’t lost their status yet. Instead they have shown the younger generation time and time again how Death fucking Metal has to sound. Their last album “The Hunt for White Christ” (2018) made the jump into the charts again. Maybe you should screw your head onto your shoulders, because a Death Metal machinery is going to roll over the Harz in July: UNLEASHED!


Not so long ago, however, the ROCKHARZ debut of this fantastic troupe from Helmstedt took place. The guys spent quite a while in the underground before they made the leap into the general public and experienced a further development thanks to “The Elder Scrolls”. Here Melodic Death Metal and symphonic Power Metal unite to a unique, even imaginative mixture, just like on the equally great successor “Dawn Of The Five Suns” (2018). This is called “Epic Death Metal” and that’s what their music is about. Welcome back: KAMBRIUM!

Immer wissen was es neues gibt?