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GRAVE DIGGER: 40 years anniversary show

Let’s talk about Heavy Metal legends again. Because these gentlemen from Gladbeck are nothing else than that – but they are far from tired and celebrate their 40th birthday this year. Since their last guest appearance in the Harz Mountains, the gravediggers have released “The Living Dead” (2018), adding another milestone to their discography. Certainly, […]


The region around our beautiful festival area is paved with successful band stories. One of them is only one hour and eleven minutes away from us, more precisely in Braunschweig. In 2019, they have added another chapter of success with “Ritual”: Not only is it their thirteenth album, no, it is also the first number […]

ROCKHARZ 2020: Three new acts confirmed

Dear ROCKHARZ community, the days are getting brighter again, the temperatures are slightly climbing, and this means that ROCKHARZ 2020 is getting closer every day. We’re not quite done with the billing yet, but of course we’re working hard to deliver the party of the year in July, just like you’re used to. And today, […]

ROCKHARZ 2020: Three ROCKHARZ premieres in July

Well, we just can’t settle down. The ROCKHARZ billing for 2020 is growing and thriving and we have the next refill for you. So sit back, think about the coming July despite the cold, grey weather and be happy about another three band confirmations. All three bands are at ROCKHARZ for the first time! New […]

ROCKHARZ 2020 – The first hat-trick in the new year

ROCKHARZ 2020 – The first hat-trick in the new year Dear ROCKHARZ community, we hope you have had a good start into the new year and that the hibernation has been as good for you as it has been for us. We now start fully motivated to welcome you a little bit late with the […]

ROCKHARZ 2020: Three Bands for the Summer

Enjoying Christmas time? While everyone is decorating their houses and trees, we are decorating our billing for ROCKHARZ 2020. Here comes the next three-pack: INSOMNIUM Just recently, the Finns released “Heart Like A Grave” and it happened again: We are completely immersed in the melancholic, heavy melodies they play on each of their Albums. With […]


Soon it’s time again! As St Nicholas is ROCKHARZer as well known, he will take our shop under his wing again this year. From 0:00 am on Friday, 06.12.2019 to 24:00 am on Saturday, 07.12.2019 you get – a full 48 hours – a full 20% discount on everything except tickets and vouchers. And that’s […]

THE BEST OF THE BLESSED! POWERWOLF is going to be headliner at ROCKHARZ 2020 with an exclusive show!

Hardly any other metal band has had such a steep career in the recent years than this quintet. At their last guest performance in 2018 the release of their No.1 album “The Sacrament Of Sin” was imminent. What followed was an almost everywhere sold out triumphal procession through the biggest concert halls. At the end […]

ROCKHARZ: Another hattrick

As we promised, the break was only a short one and now we have the next announces for the first weekend of July 2020. Since all good things are (almost always) three, we have a new hattrick of band confirmations for you: STEEL PANTHER “Balls Out”, “Sexy Santa”, “Gloryhole” or “I Got What You Want” […]

ROCKHARZ 2020: Three sweet Halloween treats

Well, did you all slip into your costumes to go hunting for something sweet? You won’t find anything sour with us and don’t need any costume – because we have three treats for you. So happy Halloween! AT THE GATES Long, long they’d been gone, almost as long as they’ve been back. The Swedes are […]