RADIO BOB! Met Amensis Metalflirt Partyschnaps



Ha-ha! Here they are! For all of you who have been disappointed about the last sentence at the TWILIGHT FORCE post, you shall be very pleased now! GLORYHAMMERgrace us for the second time with their presence at our festival! We not even have said the untruth, because in THIS year GLORYHAMMER haven’t been visiting us… […]


And the next Swedes! Slowly we could charter a special train… here we have a very special delicacy for Gothic Metal fans. DRACONICAN move through atmospheric waters and build a beautiful diversion to our previous announcements today. This band is a highlight both optically and musically, and we are happy to have them in the […]


You can expect lightning swift, hymnic Power Metal from Swedish regions as well with TWILIGHT FORCE. The newcomer, founded in 2011 and released their first full-length album in 2014 have already toured with SONATA ARCTICA this year and proven their live qualities. Often the band is compared to GLORYHAMMER, which we couldn’t bind this year.


We have already announced that it is going to be more traditional today and for the start we serve you high class traditional steel from Sweden. GRAND MAGUS have proven at latest with their last album “Triumph and power” that they are able to put out hymn after hymn without becoming worn out or boring. […]


To write some describing words or to give a chorus of praise for the live quality of this legend would mean to carry coals to Newcastle. Fervid shows, hymns en masse, musical virtuosity and a high factor of entertainment: All of this is SUBWAY TO SALLY! Open your arms for ROCKHARZ companions of the first […]


The next swort swinging import from northern neighbourhood realms! These Norwegians, who will in 2016 make their debut at ROCKHARZ, are a perfect match for today’s confirmation event! Their new album “Profan” has been recently released and has the potential to present this band at the zenith of their artistic production.


DEATH METAL, STONER METAL, DEATH ‘N’ ROOL… however their music is described, one is for sure: ENTOMBED (now with the addition “A.D.” in their name) have created new genres and released album classics as well as written groovy metal hits and performed them in an inimitable manner in their more then 20 years continuing career. […]


Who would have presumed that this band would become one of the top Black Metal bands from Germany when they were our guests the last time? Right; Right, we did! Their potential has been proven by the band especially with their current album “Stellar” and in July they will show who’s the boss in Black […]


In the year 2016, ASP will return to the Rockharz Openair to drag you with a fulminant rock show and – of course – to “burn”! For years ASP has been know as an absolute exception in- and outside the scence. With their mixture of dragging guitar riffs, high-energy electronic elements and folk melodies, the […]

SATYRICON – NEMESIS DIVINA 20th Anniversary Show

It’s been 20 years since Norwegian band released one of the game-changing albums of Black Metal history and set a groundbreaking sign for a genre’s spreading over its small, rather sub-cultural listenership to a new wave of Extreme Metal sounds. This band was SATYRICON and their masterpiece is called NEMESIS DIVINA. Now, 20 years later, […]