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Four times gloom at RHZ 2019

Jan 24th, 2019 | von |

Today we announce the darkness. Four bands out of the gloomy part of our beloved genre will darken the sky over our stages at ROCKHARZ Open Air 2019 – including:


Once founded as a studio project only, the band around creative mastermind AndyLaPlegua (Icon Of Oil) has played dozens of shows around the world. They’ve released eight full-length albums and could be seen as a support act of Rammstein in 2009. In July, the time has come for this unique mixture from EBM, Industrial and Aggrotech to transform our beautiful airport into a dark soundscape and lots of twitching bodies – for the first time at ROCKHARZ Open Air: COMBICHRIST!


Joachim Witt is definitely a living legend of the German artscape. The artist who has created music history with “Der Goldene Riter”, “Die Flut” (together with Peter Heppner) and “Tri tra trullala (Herbergsvater)” is far away from being tired. Over the past few years, he has released three must-have albums with “Ich” (2015), “Thron” (2016) and his 2018 masterpiece “Rübezahl”. And WITT is a must-see on stage as well. We are pleased to welcome such a great artist at RHZ 2019!


It’s been a long, long time since the “Rock’n’Sad” darklings from Waging am See visited us, more than ten years to be exact. Since then, a lot has happened to the former Gothic Metallers. Above all, in the recent years they have released a couple of great records and brought their gloomy Rock style close to perfection. There’s plenty of evidence on their 2016 album “Hope Is Here”. Let’s get lost in the gloom – LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE!


“In Black We Trust” is the perfect slogan for their current tour, for the dark creatures out of the realm of the undead combine their Gothic sounds with huge Rock influences. The resulting mixture provides a party mood of the morbid kind. The songs of their debut album “Inferno” caused a lot of joy within the dark scene already and hits such as “Hangover Boulevard” provide an unyielding urge to move – of which HELL BOULEVARD will convince you in July!

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