RADIO BOB! Met Amensis Metalflirt


dezperadosWe are back in 1993, Alex Kraft is in the middle of nowhere in America on the road to Las Vegas. The guitarist of ONKEL TOM is standing lonely on the highway. He is fascinated by the beauty and the loneliness of the wide country and in this moment he decided to connect his two favorite music styles in an incredibly project. This was the birth of DEZPERADOZ. Seven years later he realizes this idea. DEZPERADOZ publish their first album “The Dawn Of Dying”. The unusual mixture finds finds really fast. The listeners are enthusiastic to hear the great mixture of country and metal music and listen to the great Wild West stories. DEZPERADOZ released four albums in the last years. The latest one “Dead Man´s Hand” tells us about the final poker game of Wild Bill Hickoks. DEZPERADOZ remain royal to their style. So empty the whisky, saddle your horses and come to ROCKHARZ 2012!