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Jul 7th, 2015 | von |

We haveimportant information about the arrival at the ROCKHARZ for you:

The main through-road in Ballenstedt is blocked due to a site. Indeed there exists a local redirection, but it’s already overloaded by normal traffic.

To speed up your arrival in your interest, we are asking you NOT to drive through Ballenstedt to the festival ground! Simply don’t tipe “Ballenstedt” into your satnav! The festival is placed in the district Asmusstedt. Please try to plan your route through the district Badeborn. This means for an arrival through the B6 from the West or East you have to take the exit Quedlinburg, in the roundabout in direction Hoym (not in direction Ballenstedt) and then via Badeborn to Asmusstedt. Also if you are driving via Quedlinburg, please drive in direction Hoym until you see the signposted diversion to the airport.

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