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ARCH ENEMY & 666 x 60!

Jul 10th, 2011 | von |

arch-enemyMelodic Death Metal on position #15 in German album charts: ARCH ENEMY surpassed their previous biggest successes with “Khaos Legions”. So the more we are very excited to be able to welcome this guarantor of energetic live shows on ROCKHARZ 2012. ARCH ENEMY can´t be forgotten. At least since their first albums and with virtuous instrumentalists and Angela Gossow at the top, they define the word “revolution” totally new. Even in 2012.

Like always, we want to give you the possibility to order your ticket for ROCKHARZ 2012 right now for an amazing price. With ARCH ENEMY, the first band is confirmed and you are able to order the first 666 tickets just for 60 €, including advance booking fee and plus shipping.
The shop is going to be online at todays midnight and you can order your tickets only via the ROCKHARZ shop.
This special is limited so that it will run only for 14 days till July 24th 2011, midnight.

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