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AFM labelnight: the last four bands besides J.B.O.! The label celebrates its 20th birthday at ROCKHARZ!

Apr 4th, 2016 | von |

We promised you, and we keep our promises! The AFM labelnight for this year’s ROCKHARZ is complete. Alongside J.B.O. and the special release show for their new album “11”, the following bands will enter the stage on July 6th.

KISSIN’ DYNAMITE rocks again!

The last time the Southern Germans rocked the ROCKHARZ was in 2014. This Summer the band with the indistructible forelocks will release a new album – again via AFM Records / Soulfood. It will be released at ROCKHARZ! So what is more obvious to celebrate this with you at the ROCKHARZ? Right, absolutely nothing: KISSIN’ DYNAMITE!

Thrash, Thrash, Thrash – ONSLAUGHT

In early 2016, Thrash fans were excited about the great „Live At The Slaughterhouse“ CD/DVD package, which brings the unique live atmosphere of two shows into your living room. On July 6th, the Brits will whip goose bumps onto your arms with a full arsenal of classics. So switch your TV on today and come to the stage in July, a legend at the ROCKHARZ: ONSLAUGHT!

High noon with SHAKRA at the ROCKHARZ

Meaty Hard Rock that is really catchy? Right, the answer can only be SHAKRA. The Swiss Rock legend look back on a successfull carrier including great shows as support of legends such as Whitesnake or Guns n’ Roses. After John Prakesh left the band in 2014, Mark Fo is back as singer since October 2015. His carismatic voice can be already heard on the new work of art „High Noon“. In July you can expect this amazing Hard Rock act live at the ROCKHARZ!

Death, Melody, Complexity – MORS PRINCIPIUM EST

The Finnish band has the death as initial point in their bandname already. MORS PRINCIPIUM EST even uses Melodic Death Metal as basis to create their atmospheric, versatile and ambitious sound. At the moment, the band is working on their sixth album, but they are more than ready let your cervicals feel their unique, brute sound in July.


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