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advent announcements #2: GRAVE DIGGER, FEUERSCHWANZ & FIRKIN

Dec 6th, 2016 | von |

Are your legs oiled for a good dance? Are you in the mood for high spirits, jolly melodies and a big portion of Irish charme? Great! Because FIRKIN from Hungary will bring all this in July 2017. And of course they will make you swirl. The guys and girls will not only bring along their fantastic Irish Folk but also a a lot of fun!

The last time Hauptmann Feuerschwanz, Johanna von der Vögelweide and co. co. brought us their breathtaking party atmosphere was in 2013. Wine, woman and a lot of singing will be on the program in 2017 again. After their success album „Sex Is Muss” that showed the Southern German’s humorous passion for medieval times once more, we just had to invite them again. So, put out the juggler, cant the met in your socks – FEUERSCHWANZ!

Long, long, far too long since this German legend was on stage at ROCKHARZ. Their status in the German Heavy Metal scene is indisputable and in 2014 they prooved on „Return Of The Reaper“ that old heroes can create real classics. Ladies and Gentlemen: GRAVE DIGGER!


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