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600 Tickets left in our shop

Jul 3rd, 2012 | von |

Lots of tickets were sold in the last week. There are just 600 tickets left now in our shop .
Again, to explain and to keep you up to date:
2009 (see aerial view picture of 2009) was the first year on the airport in Ballenstedt. In this year we lost a small number of fans because of moving to the new area. The weather was really bad and it was a rather hard start into a new ROCKHARZ period.

But the quality and the beauty of our new terrain seemed to have its effect:
in 2010 (see aerial view picture of 2010) we exeeded the audience since the beginning of the festival 18 years ago. This year we have a quiet similar growth which fills our terrain almost. To keep the great ROCKHARZ atmosphere and the short ways for you, we didn’t rise the number of the 3-day tickets.

Once again: Thanks for your support!…just 6 days left.

Luftbild 2009

Luftbild 2010

Luftbild 2011

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