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2012: Headliner on Monday, pre-sale in November!

Sep 30th, 2011 | von |

2012 – we´re coming!

The ROCKHARZ 2012 lies some weeks behind by now. That´s enough reason to dedicate ourselves to the ROCKHARZ 2012 with zealous deeds!

You are certainly already excited about the next band confirmations, about possible improvements abot the first news regarding the next year.
First, we want to announce again that the ROCKHARZ 2012 will take place on July 12th-14th 2012 on the familiar airfield in Ballenstedt. The arrival will again be possible from July 11th 2012.
As we go along in the coming weeks, we want to present to you the first band-stunners! We have some “big fish” on our fishing rod and can promise you that the billing of 2012 will be an absolute highlight of the ROCKHARZ-history!

Announce of the first headliner on Octobre 3rd!

The first headliner will be presented on coming Monday! This said before: The band has never been to ROCKHARZ and we are lucky to be able to confirm this absolute top-metal-act this early!

Pre-sale start and second headliner in November!

Along with the announce of the second headliner, an equal, already firm top act, our regular pre-sale starts on November 14th. By then we will have a new shop set up for you and again we will offer attractive early bird packages, limited to 1000 pieces.

But now be excited for Monday at first! We are sure, that this band confirmation will thrill many of you! Stay tuned!

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