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Realistic Vibrators & Vibrating Dildos | Veins, Ridges & More Details

Designed to provide the same pleasure as an actual penis and meant to satisfy both the women and men with life like sensations, the realistic vibrators are highly popular and very demanded across the whole world. Very detailed and realistic, these vibrators can cause great stimulation.

What is a realistic vibrator?


According to all realistic vibrator reviews, this sexual adult toy is basically a dildo with battery to provide not only deep penetration but smooth vibrations which can add spice to the self act of masturbation on both males and women. It's a highly reliable adult toy which re-created the life like sensations of having sex with a real man. The best realistic vibrators are the highly detailed ones because they come with balls, veins and glans, just like a real penis.

Types and main features


Just like the dildos, there are many types of realistic vibrators but the most common ones and highly demanded are:


    • The big realistic vibrators;


    • With remote control;


  • The wireless realistic vibrator.

These are just a few of the many types existing on the market and one thing in for sure, their main purpose is to provide the realistic feeling of having sex with a man. They come in all sort of sizes and shapes with plenty of features for any type of demand. Women can choose between XXL size large realistic vibrators or small ones, between wifi soft realistic vibrators or powerful realistic vibrators. That among many other types and features which you will have to discover.

The most popular ones are the classic realistic vibrators because of their easy to use system and reliable effects. However, the unusual ones or the ones that are huge are mainly used by true addicts and experts in the sexual art of masturbation. They can be used by women, gay couples and men in the same manner. Doesn't matter the size or the shape, using a realistic vibrator is suitable for any type of person and highly effective in both the vagina or the ass.

How to choose the best realistic vibrator?


If you are seeking for the most realistic vibrator on the market, you should keep in mind few characteristics and features before making your decision.


  • There are both realistic vibrators for women and for men;

  • They come in a various number of sizes and shapes;

  • They are made out of many materials including;

  • They come under many brands, some better others of poor quality;

  • Their form might vary depending on the needs (vaginal or anal purpose).
  • Choosing the right size


    Depending on your sexual needs, choosing the right realistic vibrator and enjoying the best of it is a must in the whole process. Always make sure you seek for the right size as the huge realistic vibrators can cause pain on unexperienced used while the small realistic vibrators can provide little to non stimulation whatsoever. The right size is the one that stimulates you the best, the size which offers you the best pleasure that's why it's better to start with medium sized vibrators before increasing the diameter or the length.

    The most common and recommended size of a top rated realistic vibrator is 4 to 5 inches. If you are at your first use of such type of toy, it's better to start with a 3-4 inches vibrator. The size also influences the pleasure if used in other than the vagina. For gay couples or gay persons, using a small realistic vibrator for anal stimulation is always the best idea.


    Choosing the right material and the right shape


    The materials from which realistic vibrator toy are made from, are:


      • Jelly rubber;


      • ABS;


      • Nylon;


      • Leather;


      • Plastic;


      • PVC;


    • Silicone.


    No matter the material the toy is made from, being a realistic and not a standard vibrator, will always provide the exact feeling and the best stimulation. Most realistic vibrator reviews say that the best realistic vibrators are made of jelly rubber. Opinions are spread, but the most common reviews say that the jelly rubber is closer to the real thing and offers better stimulation in both the vaginal and anal usage!


    Whole the jelly rubber is smooth and offers close to reality stimulation, the ones made out of leather or nylon create a more fetish style atmosphere between partners. They are commonly used by BDSM lovers and lesbian couples. The shapes of the realistic vibrators are mainly common, most of them being penis like shaped. In very few cases do they resemble with anything else.

    How to use realistic vibrators?


    For the best results and a lifelike experience with your best realistic vibrator, make sure you are well informed about the specs, features and maintenance facts. A vibrator most always is cleaned ahead and before use, always stored in safe places, without humidity that might harm the electronics in the case of the remote control realistic vibrators and out of the sun which might damage the leather, the rubber or the silicone. Hygiene is essential that's why it is highly recommended that you use specially created hygiene solutions when wanting to clean up the toy. If your toy needs lubrication during use, make sure you clean it up well in the end. Some lubricants, when let to dry, can turn into a crust which it might be hard to remove.

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