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The Black Mirror 2: Friv Game Overview

We are already accustomed to the fact that when a project is carried out by people who are not related to the original, it comes out badly and sadly. Especially if this same original raised the bar for quality in the genre. The first The Black Mirror was (and is) an excellent adventure game. A mysterious estate in the English wilderness, an ancient family with their skeletons in the closet, bloody murders, mysticism and an oppressive atmosphere - lovers of good detectives were simply in the seventh heaven ... And as soon as they began talking about the "Black Mirror" exclusively in the past, the sequel was announced . True, the development was entrusted to the unremarkable Cranberry Production studio , which was noted only by a very mediocre Mata Hari. In this situation, it is difficult to imagine that she will be able to surpass the authors of the first The Black Mirror . But did the Germans manage to at least not face the dirt?

The story of the original “Black Mirror” spun around the estate of the same name in rainy, dank England. Its inhabitants, the noble Gordon family, suffer from an ancient curse that has long lain on their kind. Once the grandfather of the protagonist William is thrown out of the tower window - something clearly frightened the old man to death. Granddaughter Samuel arrives at the castle and begins an investigation. With every day of work for the newly-made detective everything is added up - someone is killing the villagers. Later it turns out that the maniac (a-ta-ta, spoiler; everyone who is currently playing the game - run-run to the beginning of the next paragraph without looking back) is the youngest Gordon himself, who fell under the influence of a terrible curse.

In the first The Black Mirrorliterally from the first minutes we were immersed in an atmosphere of mysticism and fear, so the project fascinated and carried away in earnest. The authors of the sequel went the other way - they decided to play in contrast. It all starts quite harmlessly, and at first it’s even confusing. The scene is now a pretty town, the biggest problem seems to be the grumpy chief of the protagonist, and we are informed not of a series of deaths, but of a fuse in the basement. In a word, nothing portends trouble. Almost half of the passage we, in the person of a simple guy Darren Michaels, do spend in a serene corner of the United States, contemplating the Gordon’s estate only in photographs and cheap advertising booklets. And suddenly begins - the murder of the boss, the mother’s illness, the mysterious stranger who was jailed ... This is the second stage of the "immersion" - we are still in town, but formidable clouds are already gathering over his head, both figuratively and literally. We are suspected, we suspect, constant tension, screams, and even rain on the street tickles the back of the head with cold paws. And finally, in the second half we get to Willow Creek, and then to the Black Mirror.

The riddles also worked out perfectly. Some accuse The Black Mirror 2 of excessive simplicity, but we will only respond to these claims that the plot and dialogs are more important here. It is they who pull the story forward, and the puzzles are only a means of achieving the goal, and not the goal itself. However, as we said, they are good. And, most importantly, they are logical. The nightmare of anyone familiar with this particular genre is the need to understand the logic of adventure. Why can’t you draw water in the river, but can only be in the well, to which you also need to find a bucket? Why, in order to open the door, do you have to jump on your right foot and crow? Here it is reduced to zero, and conventions are not striking.

At the same time, a gentleman's set of any quest player is at your disposal - a dozen ingenious locks and safes, five-minute “crazy hands”, when we have to collect various devices, tasks for speed and resourcefulness from improvised material. Someone again complains, they say, everything is too standard and boring. Of course, we will agree, but did template puzzles prevent the original from becoming famous? After all, there was nothing special either.

Despite all the advantages of the brainchild of Cranberry Production , many were disappointed in The Black Mirror 2 . They were waiting mainly for a classic detective in a familiar setting, but they got something completely different. The castle manages to be seen only closer to the final, and the first third of the game takes place in a sunny town. But you just need to understand that, if the developers had done the ideological clone of the original now, it would still haven’t hit anyone, not hooked. They don’t fall into the same funnel twice, no matter how filigree the projectile is directed. Remember the second “BioShock” - because everything in it was the same as in the first part, the fans were given what they asked. But what remains after BioShock 2 ? Emptiness. The first "bioshock"- He is so alone, unique and irreplaceable. The same can be said about the original "Black Mirror" - you will not overtake it. The best that the Germans from Cranberry could do in this situation was to create another game. Interesting, wonderful, but different. And even though the well-known expression “no longer a cake” is applicable to her, she does almost everything the sequels are capable of most - she steps on a nostalgic callus, provides food for memories and makes the legendary predecessor pass. We will do everything.

Pros: logical puzzles; a sea of ​​nostalgia; exciting plot.
Cons: puzzles are a bit standard.

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