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New Year's makeup trend for all time: glitter! How and on what to glue?

What do you associate the New Year with? Personally, I have it - oranges, cinnamon and cloves, the smell of ate, and ... sparkles! It doesn't matter in what form - on Christmas tree decorations, postcards, in the form of garlands or "rain", but today I would like to share "shiny" life hacks! Glitter is the easiest way to diversify your New Year's look. You don't have to sprinkle them on yourself from head to toe - just a couple of accents!

I understand that not every girl is a makeup artist, and not everyone has special means for applying glitter to the skin. I have some tips lying around here!

Where to buy sequins?

Specialized shops for glitter gels on Instagram where you can buy glitter in bulk. In large cities, of course, there are offline points. Glitters have a special sticky base that allows you to stick the particles anywhere!

How and where to glue the sequins?

There are several ways to apply, depending on the end purpose. Glitter can be applied to the body - arms, shoulders and even legs, if, for example, you have an open outfit at a New Year's party. Glitter hairspray - a long-forgotten technique from the 2000s and my childhood - is increasingly appearing in fashion beauty magazine shoots, but it is not known whether it will return to the ranks of trends. On the other hand, the New Year is the same! Winding a garland around your neck is not a shame, but sequins on your hair are out of fashion? Glitter in makeup is an almost limitless field for creativity!

Ordinary medical glue BF-6 for gluing cuts

Suitable for painting glitter patterns! Good adhesive ability allows you to glue not only small, but also large fragments, even stones and rhinestones. Cheeks, forehead, body - easily!

Pros: holds very tight! Most often colorless or slightly yellowish after drying. You can buy it at any pharmacy for a penny, and then attach it to the first aid kit. An essential household item, even if you are not a make-up blogger.

Cons: the alcohol in the composition can dissolve the pigment and create colored streaks, this happens with a lot of glue and bright sparkles. You need to wait for the vapors to weather, and only then glue. Not suitable for covering large areas, irritated skin. Skin test required! It is washed off with plain water and soap, the remains - with a sponge or washcloth.

I do not recommend using it on the lips or around the eyes. Although, once I glued rhinestones on my lips with this glue. An unforgettable experience!

Glue for eyelashes

Allows you to stick glitter even on sensitive eye skin! But I have met people with individual intolerance to the components of even this glue, which is specially created for the sensitive skin of the eyes, so be careful! For glitter, it is better to use glue, which becomes transparent after drying.

Pros: Again, a reusable product that will take root in your makeup bag if you're a fan of false eyelashes. Even large rhinestones can be glued to this glue.

Cons: Not for covering large areas, sometimes finding clear eyelash glue can be tricky. Not very budgetary.

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