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Musicians Who Gamble a Lot: Who Are They?

Musicians Who Love to Gamble

It isn’t surprising that celebrities are often fond of ordinary things as they are also normal human beings. Casino entertainment has been attracting people at all times, and stars aren’t an exception.

Casinos often become the favorite celebrities’ place to spend free time. They have money and like to spend them on something exciting and interesting. Who are they, these musicians who can’t imagine their life without card games, slots and roulette? Or those who often follow this link to find the best no-deposit bonus offers?

Musicians who often visited casinos

Lemmy, a singer of Motörhead, loved gambling so much that even created a song about it – “Ace of Spades”. Surprisingly, he wasn’t fond of card games but enjoyed slot machines much instead. He often visited casinos located near his house in Los Angeles and spent hours with gaming machines.

Scott Ian (Anthrax) is a musician who plays much in casinos. He is a poker fan and has even tried his luck in one of the tournaments. His win there was absolutely random as Scott admitted that he knew so little about the game. However, after this success, some poker-related companies even wanted to collaborate with the guitarist and make him a real poker professional. In his interviews, Ian emphasizes that poker means much for him, and he is serious about this hobby.

Another singer who is fond of poker is Sully Erna (Godsmack). He is so crazy about the poker game that has even tattooed his expression from one of the poker matches. Erna’s photos, taken while he is playing his favorite game, often appear in mass media. They prove the fact that the musician isn’t going to quit his poker career.

Ace Frehley, an ex-guitar player of Kiss, frequently visits the gambling mecca, Las Vegas, where he plays poker. The star likes scandalous behavior that is why he often wears strange makeup when he goes to gambling establishments. Besides, Ace also took part in tournaments.

It might sound surprising but Frank Sinatra was fond of gambling as well. Moreover, the singer had signs of gambling addiction as he often raised a ruckus in casinos that didn’t want to give him a credit! Stories about his gambling-related scandals became available to the public that spoiled the singer’s image a little bit.

As you can see, gambling can become a hobby of any person, regardless of his or her age and occupation. Even popular musicians can’t stop playing their favorite games.

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