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How Video is Changing Social Networking

For years, social networking has been evolving. In the beginning, it was nothing more than message boards. Over time, social networking online has become much more. People chat in real time, share stories and interests, post photos, and now even video. Video has been the latest of the changes to social networking and has truly changed social networking forever.

One of the most popular videos on social networks is TikTok. Using the service, you can promote your TikTok account, increase the number of subscribers and video views.


You can talk about your interests for hours on end. You can even start meaningful relationships with others. However, simply typing responses and sharing the occasional photo isn't the same as talking to someone face to face. Now people can actually talk to each other through webcams and streaming video.

Social networks are constantly adding ways for users to incorporate video. Adding live streaming video while chatting has greatly added to the experience of meeting others online. Instead of talking to some internet personality, you're talking with a real person. The whole experience becomes much more personal.

~Clear Information

Sometimes words just can't describe a task. Social networking sites have allowed users to upload do-it-yourself videos to better share their knowledge. Instead of people wondering if they read the directions right, they can watch a video and know for certain how someone did something and what the result was. After all, it's hard to lie when someone can see what you're doing.


For anyone that's ever checked out YouTube, you know how entertaining videos are. Social networks have changed by allowing users to upload funny videos, music videos, and clips from movies and shows. Somehow seeing a joke instead of reading it, seems much more entertaining. More people have joined social networks just to watch videos and even share their own.


Social networks have now made it possible for people to create their own advertisements. They can promote their music, business, or cause. This lets users connect with an entirely new audience. Whereas some people will read an ad, many prefer to see a video. Being able to see and hear what you're advertising makes it more real and people will be more likely to check out the ad and whatever you're promoting.

Video has truly changed social networking, but for the better. Social networking will continue to change and evolve. Video is just the more recent change and one that no one will be likely to forget.

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