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Women who shocked the world: Anna Freud (December 3, 1895 - October 9, 1982)

Women who shocked the world: Anna Freud (December 3, 1895 - October 9, 1982)

Her father's daughter

Freud's daughter not only continued and developed his work, but also left her own mark in science - of world significance ...

Ah, how he wanted another son, this Sigmund! But a daughter was born. Frustrated, Freud wrote to a friend, doctor V. Fliss: “If I had a son, I would send you a telegram ...” But he only informed me about the sixth child in 8 years that the girl was healthy and did not harm her mother during childbirth. But as often happens, the hopes that the father placed on the desired son were fulfilled by the daughter.

With father

She did not have higher education, only a private school and father. Anna, from the age of 13, is a regular participant in the meetings of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society, was present at the sessions conducted by Freud. For life, psychoanalysis has become her passion. An ordinary appearance, the absence of a husband, children - all this did not make Anna unhappy. In her youth, she had fans. When she was sent to England in 1914, the famous psychoanalyst E. Jones took care of her. But Anna returned to Vienna, to her father. She demolished his difficult character, allowed him to subject himself to psychoanalysis (in science this is forbidden between relatives). And when in 1923 they found cancer, he also became his carer (and Freud lived and worked for another 16 years). For the Nazis, Freud was just a Jew, his books were burned, and in 1938 the family had to flee Vienna to England in order not to repeat the fate of their books. Anna did not forgive and never came to Germany, although thanks to outstanding scientific activity she traveled the whole world. And even at the Vienna Psychoanalytical Congress in 1971, she spoke in English.

Name in science

She has worked with children all her life. First, with friends' children, and in 1939, she opened a shelter for orphans - victims of the war. In 1952, in London, she founded the Hampstead Children's Medical Treatment and Training Center for the rehabilitation of children through psychoanalysis (now she bears her name). Anna Freud is the mother of child psychoanalysis. To find a common language with small patients (unlike adults, children do not go to the session of their own free will), she played their games, talked on topics they proposed (from the adventures of sea pirates and geographical information to a collection of stamps and love stories). She also observed: after all, children do not express their feelings in words. She became famous as an outstanding scientist, an eternal worker (despite a serious lung disease since 1945). She did not stop working even after a stroke (March 1982). Half-paralized, until the last days she continued to work on a book on family law.



Anna wrote: "If contraception were available to parents, I would not be in the world."

About children

She described the patterns and phases of the normal development of the child, the types of disorders (from difficulties in education to autistic disorders), suggesting practical methods of treatment.

About adults

Anna is the author of the famous theory of the protective mechanisms of the human I, she revealed the role of aggression, sublimation. She conducted psychoanalysis in adults (even in Marilyn Monroe), lectured, wrote books. Watch energetic and full of life teens +18 get naked on cam! Kinky young girls look to explore their sexuality with you. Everyone accessing this site must be at least 18 years of age OR the age of majority in each and live sex Join us now! Thousands of Users Online. 8000+ Girls Online. Cam-To-Cam Chat. Chat With Friendly Girls. 10000+ Live Cam Girls.

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