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Getting Noticed for A Metal Band in 2020

Being a music artist is a great thing. At a tender age, or even in your early adulthood, you would have realized that music is the thing that you should be chasing in your life.

Your passion for music could have been a life-turning moment for you. And that’s when, the need of moving out to big as well as popular platforms, may have been felt.

At such an important phase of your career, it’s important to work with the big stars of your industry, in order to get noticed. When you will be noticed by other famous music creators, artists, bands as well as normal people who like to listen to music, that’s when you will grow.

And becoming a well-known band on the metal scene, it will be very important to increase your fan base and produce music which is liked by a lot of metalheads. On the first note, it is important to analyze that, which are the right platforms? Which name should you trust in order to become the best of you?

Spotify is the name

There are a lot of music platforms, where you can post your tracks in order to get noticed. Spotify is one such platform! It’s a great stage to show your talent.

Hard and heavy music is created by a lot of artists, and if you happen to be one such person, then Spotify can be the perfect podium for your Metal or Rock tracks!

Spotify allows you to not only listen to your favorite tracks but also share your favorite tracks with others. That’s the beauty, and just the way bloggers and entrepreneurs have established themselves over social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc., you may create your own empire, over this super-cool Berlin-based audio sharing platform!

Therefore, choose wisely and choose the best platforms.

How can you get noticed?

As it turns out, for getting noticed as a Rock musician, it will simply not be a cake’s walk. A lot of marketing and branding would be required, in order to gain popularity as well as the attention of famous people. At first, you can start recording and sharing all the high-quality tracks which you would have created over the period of time. And then, your focus should be on gathering a greater number of Spotify plays. Getting a boost of more Spotify plays for your song or album is easy if assisted by professionals, in case you don’t like to spend your time on tests, you can find them by the following link Other than that, you have to take care of the fact that if you are posting stuff on Spotify, then you can share its link over all your social media handles.

It’s quite possible that you may be having a huge fan base over Facebook or even Instagram. And that’s why, through marketing, you will be spreading the word about your tracks and your professional Spotify profile.

Over Spotify, you will have to acquire a lot of plays, so that your profile appears at the top of everyone’s wish list. That’s how you will be noticed by the big music artists, who have already established themselves.

Other than marketing and promotion, branding processes will also matter.

While you are on your way to the top of the music industry, it will matter a lot that you are using the proper branding strategies. Branding will help you to bring more traffic over to your profile, and when more and more users will create Spotify profiles in order to play your tracks, then even your ‘play’ count will increase. A proper website, brand logo and other stuff are part of branding strategies. If you have some printed business cards or cards related to your rock music, band, etc., then it will create a good impression in front of the public. You have to be active socially so that you are in touch with your fans as well as others, who are on the verge of entering your fan hood.


Through the methods which are described above, you will be able to excel in your music career, as a rock or metal musician or a band. Just we have to keep in mind, that Spotify is a platform where you have maximum chances to get noticed, with all your hard work and regular efforts towards the end goal.

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