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Dapps in gambling, perspectives for game developers

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is currently being implemented in many areas, including the online casino industry. Game developers are starting to wonder if it's worth decentralizing their games and partnering with blockchain casinos. We propose to analyze potential scenarios, how the future of DApps may develop and what role game developers will play in the development or fall of decentralized applications.

1. DApps are the future of gambling

Some experts suggest that blockchain platforms will change many areas, and DApps will revolutionize the gambling industry. They really have this potential, as blockchain provides a high level of security and reliability thanks to decentralized technology - this is what the gambling industry lacks.

Currently, there are three main blockchains that are trying to decentralize the casino industry: Ethereum, EOS, IOST and TRON. According to statistics, around 70% of total traffic on EOS is the result of cryptocurrency betting, while over 95% of the activity on the TRON network is related to gambling. These numbers show that blockchain really does focus on improving the gambling industry.

For game developers, blockchain casinos can provide an opportunity to expand their audience as DApps are rapidly gaining popularity. For example, TRON-based decentralized apps raised $ 1.6 billion in the first quarter of 2019 alone. In addition, TRON-based casinos are actively recruiting users:

  • TRONbet: 2536 active users every day with over 261 thousand transactions daily;
  • 888TRON: 1525 active users every day with about 10 thousand transactions daily;
  • TronWin: 3856 active users every day with about 13 thousand transactions daily;
  • TronVegas: 3014 active users every day with about 4500 transactions daily.

TRON is also known to inspire game developers to join the blockchain and move towards decentralization. Following the TRON Accelerator hackathon in December 2018, TRON awarded the founders of several gaming apps with around $ 10,000 worth of Tether coins.

The blockchain continues to evolve, improve and provide the opportunity to develop more DApps. In this case, game developers should consider moving to decentralization in order to keep up with innovation.

2. Game developers will help blockchain casinos become popular

Traditional online casinos Bollywood are still more attractive than blockchain casinos. Standard gambling platforms have a more interesting interface, more fun games, and developed loyalty programs. Typically, decentralized casinos offer simple games like craps, some card games, and a minimum number of slots. The lack of exciting slots with high quality graphics is one of the main reasons why gambling DApps are not as popular as they could be.

Game developers, in turn, can improve the situation by providing their game content in decentralized casinos. This will help bring their audience into the new world of blockchain gambling by presenting the benefits of decentralization to a wider audience.

3. Gambling DApps have no future

It is also important to consider an alternative development option for DApps in the gambling industry. Some experts are still skeptical about gambling blockchain and technology in general. Moreover, despite the security and transparency that blockchain provides, players still do not fully trust DApps due to the innovative technology and controversy surrounding the crypto industry.

The popularization of gambling DApps is still in question, as industry regulation may come into force, which will stop the spread of decentralized casinos and blockchain-based games. This situation can already be observed in Japan.

In April 2019, TRON banned the use of gambling DApps in the Japanese market in accordance with local legislation. Since gambling is illegal in Japan, TRON has made the decision to abide by the rules and comply with the restrictions. The company suggests that Japanese developers not launch gambling DApps based on its blockchain. Moreover, TRON recommends that developers from other countries block access for users with Japanese IP addresses.

In many other countries, the situation is different, as gambling and blockchain are not regulated as strictly. However, as technology continues to evolve, the legal framework will also continue to improve, so it is likely that this will happen in other countries as well.

Whether or not to switch to blockchain is up to the game developers. However, it should be remembered that blockchain technology continues to evolve and improve, so it has every chance to change the gambling industry in the future.

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