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Storekeeper's Resume

The duties of a storekeeper on a resume might look like this, for example:

  • Performed daily reception, accounting, storage, delivery of commodities and materials in a modern automated warehouse of 20,000 square meters with a nomenclature of 1000 items.
  • Checked compliance of received valuables with the supporting documents, prepared warehouse documentation in 1C program, daily processed at least 10 documents.
  • He unloaded up to 15 trucks and moved over 50 tons of goods per day using an electric forklift.
  • Developed warehouse processes to optimize the work of the warehouse; as a result, time for picking goods was reduced from 15 to 5 minutes.
  • Implemented a targeted storage system in the warehouse of kitting materials, which significantly accelerated the inventory (from 5 to 2 days).
  • Thanks to regular inventories (2 times per quarter) and subsequent analysis, surplus and shortage of products were detected. Recommendations on further planning of purchases were made, which allowed to reduce costs by 15%.
  • In the "Key skills" package handler resume ( block you should let potential employers know that they are facing a real professional. How do you do that? List in your resume what you know how to do within the profession.

Key skills for a warehouseman might be:

  • Experience working in a warehouse with a nomenclature of up to 1,000 items;
  • knowledge of warehouse technology;
  • Skills in organizing accounting, warehousing and release of inventory;
  • experience in organization of stock-taking and stock-taking;
  • skills of drawing up shipping documents;
  • skills of working with data collection terminal;
  • experience of working with the system of address storage;
  • ability to operate forklift and stacker;
  • Knowledge of rules of loading and unloading of goods, their arrangement and stacking in the warehouse, as well as the rules of handling goods depending on their category;
  • Knowledge of Word, Excel, 1C, and Navision programs.

Be sure to fill in the "Achievements" section - describe your professional successes, preferably in numbers (so it is clearer). For example: "High speed order picking - up to 10 orders per hour in a warehouse with a large assortment.

Other information important for the desired position can be included in the resume.

When writing a resume, do not forget that it must be credible - in no case try to deceive the employer. It is good if the document is easy and fast to read, so cross out all unnecessary details and avoid acronyms and abbreviations - write the words in full.

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