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3 Ways You Can Get Sponsored Using Spotify

Spotify, an audio content-driven platform has expanded itself all across the world. And it's growing rapidly due to more independent artists listing themselves on the platform. The rap culture has boomed in the past few years, many artists received recognition, and as they climbed up the ladder with millions of streams from around the world, and they attracted brands. They found sponsors for their music videos, their tours, and even great events that they conduct once in a while. Putting on a great show requires you to throw a lot of money in. The brands and the sponsors are the ones who make these things possible and make the concerts and shows a hell of an experience for the people.


The 3 ways


  • If you are already an established artist on Spotify and have made yourself visible on Instagram and YouTube, there's a higher probability that your followers and subscribers are growing hour by hour, day by day. Those lucrative numbers are the reasons you get brand collaboration and sponsorship. The brands and sponsors want you to be their face because they know you influence a large number of audience. The more people get influenced the more reach and visibility the brand will have. The audience's trust in you gets converted into them being potential customers for the brands. They send you goodies and stuff for promotion depending on what story your Instagram profile narrates. The narrative, the vibe of your feed, your personality, your line of work decides what kind of brands and sponsors want to work with you.


  • As artists you make music but you know people enjoy watching visual content so you need to make music videos as well to grow your streams. No doubt, you need finances to produce high-quality content, so to get the number of your followers on Spotify growing. This is when your sponsors will know their money won't go in vain.


  • Sponsorship will also help you in conducting shows and events. It works wonders for both the parties as their brand reaches the cities that have yet not discovered their art. Spotify is booming and people who have yet not discovered their taste in music, if they get to see you live in their city and like your vibe, may become your followers there. For them, it would be something interesting that they discovered.


Everything again boils down to the fact that you need a considerable number of active followers on every social media platform to get sponsorship. It’s exactly the same for Spotify, and buying Spotify plays can also prove to be your savior – check one of the best places to order Spotify marketing services from By tapping that link you can buy the required number of plays that will make your songs and profile look attractive.


Amazing posters for albums also attract people. But buying plays works wonders. You get to climb up the ladder really fast. Generally, things would take time.


But if the genuine audience subscribes to you seeing your content then you get to live your dream life earlier than you planned. Your life takes a 180-degree turn. You get labels, top artists want to collaborate with you. You get to perform in music festivals all across the globe. Your brand value increases and all the good things come to you.

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