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Sep 16th, 2016 | von |

“All good things come in threes.” – As the man in the streets says and as we have in mind: correct! And therefor, we have three new band confirmations for ROCKHARZ 2017!

Lets beginn with OST FRONT: The Berlin based Industrial/Gothic Metallers have given the motto for their future directly with “Ultra”: less Rammstein and Neue Deutsche Härte – therefor an ultra album and an ultra live show, which is ultra hard and ultra intense. You can convince yourself in the coming year!

DEW-SCENTEND doesn’t need a long introduction but, they show us how fast the time is running. The German Thrash Metal institution visited us in 2010 for the last time, and we think it’s too long ago! Result, DEW-SCENTED needs to come back to the Harz Mountains in 2017!

Have you already cleaned up your drinking horns!? No? Then it is about time to bring your drinking vessels of the vikings into good shape – because the „group out of the Finnish woods“ will start wandering to the Harz Mountains again, and are of course they are looking forward to sing with you a “Vodka”. Ladies & Gentlemen: KORPIKLAANI!

Immer wissen was es neues gibt?