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ROCKHARZ Open Air 2020: Bands, Bands, Bands!

Oct 8th, 2019 | von |

We continue in October. Even if the weather is unstable, we’ve got new bands for summer 2020. New in the billing are:


They have done a lot of smashing shows with us. After all, “Germany’s most band in the world” always offers the “most show in the world”, so that every performance becomes a pure spectacle. Instead of sinking into the nostalgia of great deeds in the past, we thought to ourselves: We just have to have them back! Especially when the next firecracker listens to the name “Wiederstand ist zwecklos” („Resistance is futile“ in German). That’s exactly how we feel right now, free of all resistance and with a blissful grin on our face: KNORKATOR!


When the sky over the beautiful airfield darkens and a slight gust blows through the beautiful Harz Mountains, goose bumps are not far away. But this year it will be even darker and the gates to hell will open when this Swedish legend starts its infernal Black Metal race over the landscape. “The Secrets Of The Black Arts” and “Vobiscum Satanas” are undisputed classics, and even in recent years, the Devil’s Disciples have never been tired of spreading their blasphemous message. For the first time at ROCKHARZ Open Air: DARK FUNERAL!


In 2015, they won our Devil’s Wall Trophy, in 2016 they returned as Special Guests, and this year they make their ROCKHARZ hattrick perfect. The guys come from not so far away, from Göttingen, and have stirred up a lot of dust during their two performances so far – in the truest sense of the word. 😉 Last year they added the “Legends”-EP and who knows what else is rolling towards us. But look forward to some Melodic Death Metal with ASENBLUT!

Immer wissen was es neues gibt?