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Sep 29th, 2016 | von |

And it goes on! To take away from you any concerns that we might be a little sleepy after the summerly temparatures in the autumn: no, we aren’t. We are still busy working on the next highlights for the ROCKHARZ 2017 and can now announce three more bands!

Legends feel really welcome in the Harz mountains and anyone who’s hands are not twitching to raise the horns when he hears the name TANK, has just not learned enough in his Metal History class. Founded in 1980, this britisch war tank has blazed a trail in the world wide metal scence, and who looks at the line-up today is unbelievable: Besides the long time band members Michael “Mick” John Tucker and Cliff John Evans, today no one else than Barend Courbois (BLIND GUARDIAN), Bobby Schottkowski (Ex-SODOM) and ZP Theart (Ex-DRAGNFORCE) controll the tank – and if that’s not enough for you, you should check out 2015 album “Valley Of Tears”.

UNZUCHT have developed to one of the top addresses for German Dark Rock in the past years. Already their 2013th album “Rosenkreuzer” hit the German charts, as well as the successor “Venus Lucifer” (2014) and the current album “Neuntöter” (2016). Considering the quality of their songs, thats no wonder, and live they are a might in any case. Last time we could convince ourselves of that was in 2014 and now we burn to forget our morality again: UNZUCHT at ROCKHARZ 2017!

Weight, birlliance and an indisputably unique style: the The Thuringians are an absolute might, both on record and on stage. Giantic sound walls, an aggressive yet passionate frontman, and fantastic melodies – this applies for all albums of the band’s history. By now, they are one of the most important acts of the German scene, respected worldwide and well-known for their unforgetable perfomances including great moshpits and an explosive show. Their current album “Wanderer” hit the German charts well-deserved on #3 and where is a better place for wandering than in the Harz Mountains, besides the Thuringian Forest of course!? After 2009 we are really exited to bring you one of the plain highlights and to set the heaven into flames again: HEAVEN SHALL BURN!


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