RADIO BOB! Met Amensis Metalflirt


Jul 11th, 2018 | von |

Hell, we are still really excited about this great anniversary and can’t say „Thank you!“ often enough. But after the festival is before the festival, and of course we are already working on ROCKHARZ 2019. You have probably spotted the first confirmed bands. But to shorten the waiting time until we can finally celebrate together again, we thought to announce three more bands already!


Some time has passed since they last played at ROCKHARZ, but every show from them develops to become a great party. Of course, we noticed your call for them and after „Wir sind Gott“ we became really excited about „Bestie der Freiheit“ as well, so it wasn’t a question at all: HÄMATOM will come back in 2019!


Fans of Sonic Syndicate should prick up their ears: THE UNGUIDED are not only formed by some former members but also have a comparable standing within the Melodic Death scene. Why? It’s simple: catchy melodies, memorable refrains and an unrelenting power makes every record and every show thrilling as hell. Do yourselves a favor and listen to „Battle Royale“ (2017) now and forever … okay for the next couple of months. 😉


Let’s talk about Thrash Metal and what records you are listening to at the moment. NERVOSA should be on that list! The all-female trio from Brazil releases headbanging guarantors one by one. Live they destroy everything and we already imagine the clouds of dust in front of the stage. For the first time at ROCKHARZ: NERVOSA!

Immer wissen was es neues gibt?