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Four bands for RHZ 2019!

Jan 21st, 2019 | von |

Dear ROCKHARZ Community,

First of all: a happy new ROCKHARZ-year! It’s getting pretty cold outside, so we’re coming at you with some hot new announcements for July 2019! We give you four new bands:


Monster costumes, horror movies, and one of the finest blends of Hard Rock and Melodic Heavy Metal that ever haunted the earth. This Finnish band, formed in 1992 by singer and songwriter Mr. Lordi, is a very special form of entertainment. Mr. Lordi himself is also responsible for the high-quality outfits, which are a real eye-catcher. But there is more than just the looks that makes this band what it has become. They won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006 and their current album “Sexorcism” should be listened to 24/7 – a big “Hard Rock Hallelujah”! For the first time at ROCKHARZ Open Air: LORDI!


How fitting! Let’s talk about witches – because this all-female band from Switzerland deals with this special topic and combines it with Heavy Metal that is a must-listen for every 80s fan. Their current album “Hexenhammer”, which addresses the book of the same name, is without a doubt a must-have for every Metal fan out there. Also, this will probably be the first time the girls will play a stage with a view of their witches’ lair, aka. the Brocken at the Harz Mountains. We are pleased to welcome them to our billing – be excited for BURNING WITCHES!


Heavy riffs, melancholic melodies and keyboards. An oppressive sound, capturing the atmosphere. That’s exactly what these Finns have always put on their albums and on stage. The last time they honored ROCKHARZ with their fantastic Melodic Death Metal was in 2016, and when they summoned their most recent hypnotic masterpiece “The Burning Cold” last autumn, it was clear they would have to come back. Ladies and Gentlemen: OMNIUM GATHERUM!


Fantastic Symphonic Power Metal and incredible duets of two great voices. The Austrians surrounding vocal duo Clémentine Delauney and new vocalist Michele Guaitoli have an unbelievable repertoire of great songs and are finally on their way to the Harz Mountains. Of course, they will bring some songs from their outstanding 2018 album “The Deep & the Dark”. VISIONS OF ATLANTIS!

Immer wissen was es neues gibt?