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XIV Dark Centuries

xiv-dark-centuriesXIV DARK CENTURIES named their style “pagan Thuringia metal”. This collects the three important things in the life of the musicians: the heathenism, their home Thuringia and of course metal. XIV DARK CENTURIES was founded in 1994. The guys from Germany choose the name of the band because they say that the 14 centuries after christianization of their native country have to be called dark. The guys worship nature, the history of their forefathers, the old values and of course the gods of pagan. With clothing of leather and fur and their heavy arming they create the right sight. In the last few years they changed the style of their music. In the first years they played classic pagan. On their new albums you can hear a lot of folkloristic and acoustic pieces and more clear voices than before. Nevertheless, they remain loyal to their roots. Their new album “Gizit Dar Faida” which was published in 2011 means “Time for revenge” in English. This title sounds promising. So put your hats on and take your weapons it’s going to be a great battle at ROCKHARZ.