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The Other

The-Other“Der Tod steht dir so gut“ is a sentence from one of the songs of the horrorpunk band THE OTHER. In English it means the death suites you. This is also true for the guys themselves. Their costumes, the scary greasepaint and the werewolf attitude of singer Rod Usher make their live performances a great horror show. Since their founding in 2002 the name THE OTHER got more famous in the punkrock scene. With the mixture of punk and metal and the clear, dark voice of Usher they found a lot of fans in different genres. In their lyrics the four monsters deal with old B-movies and lyrics from Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe. Untypical for this scene is that they sing about political themes as well. They are more than a few horrorfigures with instruments and not just unmissablefor horrorfans!