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rageNearly 30 years of music history and you can’t see the end. Since their foundation in 1984 RAGE is one of the top acts of the metal scene. They were successful from early on and played their first tour in Japan. After lots of changes of members front man Peter “Peavy” Wagner started experimenting with different styles. However, he always remained loyal to his music. In the beginning of RAGE they used very high voices and they sound more like Speed Metal. After that the voices were darker and the songs more quiet then. The new albums of RAGE are more progressive and have a higher technical quality. Finally they sound like great power metal. RAGE is also known in the “other world”. They wrote a song for the German movie “Der Schuh des Manitu” and won the 3. Place in a big German music competition. Did these things damage their image? No, not at all! How “true” they still are ben be seen on ROCKHARZ 2012!