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Night In Gales

Night-In-GalesIn 1995, the two German brothers Jens and Frank Basten founded the Melodic Death Metal Band NIGHT IN GALES. Their music sounds like IN FLAMES, DARK TRANQUILLITY or SOILWORK. With their first two albums “Towards The Twilight” in 1997 and “Thunderbeast” in 1998 they definitely marked their territory. With their striking technology to play and their innovative ideas, NIGHT IN GALES didn’t have to hide behind their international colleagues. After a lot of member changes they follow their own projects. In 2005 NIGHT IN GALES celebrated their 10th anniversary with the free download EP “Ten Years Of Tragedy”. Since 2011 they are back with their new album “Five Scars” and it seems that they didn’t lost their power in all of the past years. We are glad to present NIGHT IN GALES at ROCKHARZ 2012.