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Freedom Call

freedom-callIn 1998, german singer and guitarist Chris Bay (MOON´DOC) and drummer Dan Zimmermann (GAMMA RAY) founded the band FREEDOM CALL. After a short process to find two other musicians they recorded their first demo tape in the same year. Just one year later they published their first album “Stairway To Fairyland“ and the EP “Taragon”. On this EP you can also find a great version of the song “Dancing With Tears In My Eyes” from ULTRAVOX. The style of FREEDOM CALL is Power Metal with lots of keyboard sounds and hymnal melodies. In their lyrics they often speak about fantasy worlds and the history of Merlin and Babylon, but also about serious themes like the climatically disaster and the future of humanity. The new album of FREEDOM CALL is called “Land of the Crimson Down”. We are glad to present FREEDOM Call at ROCKHARZ 2012!