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ChthonicWho says Black Metal has to come from the west? From the empire of the rising sun CHTHONIC visits ROCKHARZ 2012. In 1995 anybody in Taiwan had a clue about the hard guitar riffs of our favorite style of music. But there was one man who was ahead of hid time: front man Freddy Lim. At this time great bands like Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir or Immortal influenced him a lot. CHTONIC do not sing about the problems of Christianity, they sing about the history and culture of Taiwan. They mix hard and extreme tunes with folk from their country and create their own style with that. An important instrument in their songs is the Asian violin called Er-Hu. With her sad sound it makes the music of CHTHONIC such special. Are you interested? Be there live at ROCKHARZ 2012.