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Before the Dawn

Before-the-DawnFronter and founder Tuomas Saukkonen define the style of BEFORE THE DAWN as “Melancholic Scandinavian Metal”. Hard riffs and a melodic-melancholic sound is it what the Finnish guys produce. The one man project was founded in 1999. Saukkonen combined melancholical melodies with noteworthy devotion just like many other Finns. But after a little while he noted that this project is too extensive to do it alone. Since this time BEFORE THE DAWN have great success. Both singles from the album “Deadlight”, which was promoted in 2007, gained place two of the Finnish single charts. Even in Japan  they thrilled the audience while they were touring with bands like Statovarius and Turisas. Their new album “Deathstar Rising”, which was published in the end of February 2011, was placed immediately in the “Top 10” of the Finn album charts. In the same year BEFORE THE DAWN won the great Finnish Metal Award in the category “Best Band”. This year at ROCKHARZ they will show us that they earn this award for shore.