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We are sure that you will have packed your bottle of rum. Because MR. HURLEY & DIE PULVERAFFEN will bring a lot of party with them, when they set their sails to the Harz Mountains in July. The pirate gang will, next to their own songs, have some… Read more


#3 in the German album charts. First class German Punk Rock. Lyrics full of social critism. This could be the right headline for the Frankfurt-based frequent visitors of the billboard charts. Their last record „Die Nacht mein Freund“ has so much… Read more


How does Epic Death Metal work? KAMBRIUM found a receipt that brings Melodic Death Metal and symphonic Power Metal togehter and creats something very special. Their last and third record „The Elder’s Realm“ is a demonstration on how heaviness… Read more


Death and transience are written in huge letters over the whole concept of this band’s art. Stylistically, the band consisting of musicians from – among others – Eisregen and The Vision Bleak, knows no boundaries… but their art is always dark, and… Read more


Two guys and what a mighty boom! Formed in 2012, the band’s name has been spread like fire throughout the metal scene t right after the release of their debut album „Death By Burning“. Harsh Sludge/Doom Metal meets the punk influences of the two… Read more


Guys, the time has come to start again! Since our pre-sale has started pleasently, we thought it’s time to let you know the next three bands for ROCKHARZ 2017: ICED EARTH, LORD OF THE LOST and DESERTED FEAR are the next names for the billing. We… Read more


AND THEN SHE CAME, our early bird special on Friday, recently released their debut album, which earlier this week entered the German Album Charts at #69. To celebrate this achievement Ji-In and her henchmen will undoubtedly dish out an… Read more

Daily allocation of the bands

We’d like to present you the daily allocation of bands a bit earlier than usual. Find it here. Day tickets (besides wednesday) are available from now on for 54,90 Euro per day at our shop. Camping is – as always – not possible with those… Read more


…We have one more band for you! The young band from the beautiful Finland swirl the Thrash Metal Scene with their youthful energy since 2010. 2012 the band reached the final of the Global Metal Battle Of Bands and raised the attention from Nuclear… Read more

AFM labelnight: the last four bands besides J.B.O.! The label celebrates its 20th birthday at ROCKHARZ!

We promised you, and we keep our promises! The AFM labelnight for this year’s ROCKHARZ is complete. Alongside J.B.O. and the special release show for their new album „11“, the following bands will enter the stage on July 6th. KISSIN‘ DYNAMITE rocks… Read more


10 years after their first and only guest performance at ROCKHARZ so far – back then in Dorste – Hamburg‘ metal flagship around Kai Hansen is setting its sails to „ENTER AUF!“ to the Harz Mountains. Since 2015, singer and guitarist Kai Hansen is… Read more


Every time they play a special show, SAXON bring their stage eagle with them. This icon of NWoBHM, that first was used by SAXON on their world tour in 1983, is a symbol for a time when Heavy Metal conquered the world and when for the first time… Read more


Next Thursday, February 25th, the ARD (German television broadcast) will present the show for the voting of the German participants of EUROVISION SONG CONTEST. As you have probably already noticed, AAVANTASIA will be part of the competition for a… Read more

Toilets for rent and parking slots with electricity are sold out!

The time has come: After a short time in our shop, the toilents for rent and the parking slots with electricity are completely sold out. Thank… Read more

CHILDREN OF BODOM – only festival show in Germany in 2016

Finland’s Melodic Death barrel no. 1 are planning their next attack on your neck muscles. Not only that they would like to erase the bad taste after their cancellation some years ago for the second time, no, they also have chosen the ROCKHARZ for… Read more

Rental toilets and caravan parking spots available in the shop!

From now on the craved rental toilets for the camping ground as well as the caravan parking spots are available for sale in our shop. According to experience, the limited contingent will besold out relatively quick, so we recommend, if your are… Read more

Mein-Zelt-steht-schon service at ROCKHARZ for the first time!

Who doesn’t own a tent or isn’t in the mood to carry it along and build it up, is at mein-zelt-steht-schon at the right place. You can not only rent a tent and all the attachements, but also get it built up. Thus you can arrive at ROCKHARZ, move in… Read more

Four bands confirmed at one go!

Now it comes thick and fast After the J.B.O. announcement on last Monday we present you four bands today! The way is led by: ENSIFERUM The sword swinging men from Finland hit the German album charts on #15 again in 2015 with „One Man… Read more

ROCKSTAGE will allready open on Wednesday

To give J.B.O. enough space for their release show, the AFM-Label-Night will take place on the ROCKSTAGE this year. That means that you will be smashed from one of the main stages! It’s not possible otherwise because J.B.O. will… oops, sorry,… Read more

J.B.O. will headline the AFM Label Night with a fat record release show

ROCKHARZ visitors of the past 13 years might have noticed that J.B.O. is one of the most booked bands (J.B.O. visited us for the first time in 2003). A fortiori we are pleased that the band will come for the fifth time to have a great party with AFM… Read more

Five bands confirmed at one go!

Before we enjoy the calm and contemplative days, we give you a blast and present five new bands at once for the ROCKHARZ 2016! Number one: POWERWOLF! According to legend, the band was founded by brothers „Matthew Greywolf“ and „Charles… Read more


We have promised you – St. Nicholaus has something big in his sack for you, something really big! In 2013, this great company of first-class musicians charmed us with their very special show for the first time, and in 2016 Tobias Sammet’s Metal… Read more

Don’t miss: St. Nicholaus special and headliner announcement this weekend

Only one more night to sleep, than St. Nicholaus will start his foray through our online shop – don’t miss him! On December 5th and 6th your order is completely free and you get a special disount of 15% on everything except of tickets, too! This… Read more



Passion to the power of beer on the ROCKHARZ 2016! At latest, they have eternalized their love for „a cold one“ on „R.I.B.“ again – coming July, they will bring their love songs in a Thrash Metal costume to us live. Be prepared, because… Read more


Their history started in 1989 with „Kingdom Of The Night“, went over shows as support of BLACK SABBATH to the point of their next chart success „Kingdom Of The Night“ (2014). They have been active for more than 25 years, uncountable live… Read more


The sympathatic band around front squaller Bo Summer is a gladly seen guest on German stages. At the moment, they are busy in the studio, but in July the Danish Melodic Death Metal fraction will make their way to the Harz Mountains. Be prepared for… Read more


From the cot to the stage – allready in their teen ages, HACKNEYED made themselves a name. Not with heartbreaking Pop croons but with snarling Death Metal. In 2016 they grace us for the third time, now adults but  still with a lot of appetite –… Read more

Four more bands already on Friday!

On Friday, December 4th we will present you four more top acts for the ROCKHARZ 2016. Be… Read more


ON THE WEEKEND December 5th and 6th: traditional St Nicholas special and headliner announcement!

St Nicholas is well-meaning to you again this year! Not only that he takes all the postage for all orders on December 5th and 6th, no, he has also bargained a special discount of 15% for everything except tickets. This special is valid for all… Read more



Anyone wondering about the fact that this band is announced on the GLORIOUS FRIDAY hasn’t seen them live yet; because this band is the incarnate personification of the glorious entertainment! That’s why Stumpen, Alf Ator, Buzzdee and combatants are… Read more


The next northern lights; this time from Noway! Especially with their current full-length „In Times“, which has been praised everywhere, the Viking Metallers, who have been active since 1991, have given an impressive comback. Anyone who likes… Read more


Ha-ha! Here they are! For all of you who have been disappointed about the last sentence at the TWILIGHT FORCE post, you shall be very pleased now! GLORYHAMMERgrace us for the second time with their presence at our festival! We not even have said the… Read more


And the next Swedes! Slowly we could charter a special train… here we have a very special delicacy for Gothic Metal fans. DRACONICAN move through atmospheric waters and build a beautiful diversion to our previous announcements today. This band is… Read more


You can expect lightning swift, hymnic Power Metal from Swedish regions as well with TWILIGHT FORCE. The newcomer, founded in 2011 and released their first full-length album in 2014 have already toured with SONATA ARCTICA this year and proven their… Read more


We have already announced that it is going to be more traditional today and for the start we serve you high class traditional steel from Sweden. GRAND MAGUS have proven at latest with their last album „Triumph and power“ that they are able to put… Read more


To write some describing words or to give a chorus of praise for the live quality of this legend would mean to carry coals to Newcastle. Fervid shows, hymns en masse, musical virtuosity and a high factor of entertainment: All of this is SUBWAY TO… Read more


The next swort swinging import from northern neighbourhood realms! These Norwegians, who will in 2016 make their debut at ROCKHARZ, are a perfect match for today’s confirmation event! Their new album „Profan“ has been recently released and has the… Read more


DEATH METAL, STONER METAL, DEATH ‚N‘ ROOL… however their music is described, one is for sure: ENTOMBED (now with the addition „A.D.“ in their name) have created new genres and released album classics as well as written groovy metal hits and… Read more


Who would have presumed that this band would become one of the top Black Metal bands from Germany when they were our guests the last time? Right; Right, we did! Their potential has been proven by the band especially with their current album… Read more


In the year 2016, ASP will return to the Rockharz Openair to drag you with a fulminant rock show and – of course – to „burn“! For years ASP has been know as an absolute exception in- and outside the scence. With their mixture of dragging guitar… Read more

SATYRICON – NEMESIS DIVINA 20th Anniversary Show

It’s been 20 years since Norwegian band released one of the game-changing albums of Black Metal history and set a groundbreaking sign for a genre’s spreading over its small, rather sub-cultural listenership to a new wave of Extreme Metal sounds…. Read more

10 days left…

…and the first tickets for ROCKHARZ 2016 will leave the house. All components of the – already sold out – early bird packages arrived and are waiting to reach the hands of their owners! Also all tickets which have been ordered until today will be… Read more


Old? As if! Active since 1980, the Canadian legend around mastermind Jeff Waters hasn’t lost any quality. „Suicide Society“, the new, fifteenth album enthuses again with hardness, variety… and, of course, fantastic guitar solos. Furthermore you… Read more


Gentle keyboards, stormy guitars and melodies as beautiful as the Finnish seascape – or in short: OMNIUM GATHERUM. With their powerful, atmospheric Melodic Death Metal the band from Finland is a fantastic feature of the scene. It doesn’t matter if… Read more


At their last visit in the Harz Mountains, the masked quartet scooped the market – nobody could escape their tunes. The massive mixture of Modern Metal and New German Hardness is sweeping as well as their sing-along refrains. At the moment they are… Read more


Founded in 1997, DEADLOCK is one of the main adressess for German Melodic Death Metal. Albums like „Bizarro World“ (2011) and „The Arsonist“ (2013) are a must have. Anyone who likes likes brutal hardness, fantastic hooklines and the interplay… Read more


They are Germany’s Thrash Metal hope number one! Their style is mainly influenced by the legends from the Bay Area, but the mordern influences make their sound special. Headbanging guarantee at ROCKHARZ 2016: DUST… Read more


Founded in 2011, these Folk Metallers have already been in charge of best medieval spectaculum on their three albums. In 2016, they will bring their „Freakshow“ into the Harz mountains, because Bad Oeynhausen based HARPYIE will come to the… Read more


It is again about time for top class finish Power Metal. The last time they visited us in 2010, the quintet wasn’t idle in the last years. „Stones Grow Her Name“, „Pariah’s Child“ and the anniversary album „Ecliptica – Revisited“ have enthused fans… Read more


On their last flying visit in 2013 they ensured a troll party at a late hour. At least you don’t have a choose while listening to Folk Metal classics such as „Trollhammaren“ you can’t help but to shake your leg while having a beer. You will be… Read more


What happens if three old stagers unite to make music? The answer is simple: top class, earthy Heavy Rock. NITROGODS, founded in 2010 by Henny Wolter (ex Primal Fear)“, have already taken the hearts of fans of bands like Motörhead with their first… Read more


Our stocks of early bird packages are almost completely sold out. Only 100 early bird packages #1 are still available in our shop. We have also made the normal festival tickets available now, which will be send out in Novembre as… Read more


SALTATIO MORTIS – enters the charts on #1 and the ROCKHARZ 2016!

After an impressive release show for their new album „Zirkus Zeitgeist“ and well-earned #1 position in the German charts, is it a pleasure to announce this exceptional act for ROCKHARZ 2016! After three years SALTATIO MORTIS will return on another… Read more


This band stands for incomparable high emotional live shows and at latest when AA Nemtheanga rises his unique voice, everyone is under the Irishmen’s spell. We are glad to announce that PRIMORDIAL will return to the ROCKHARZ in… Read more


We haveimportant information about the arrival at the ROCKHARZ for you: The main through-road in Ballenstedt is blocked due to a site. Indeed there exists a local redirection, but it’s already overloaded by normal traffic. To speed up your… Read more


As in the past year our note: Unfortunately we can’t convice a provider of cash points to put one of them on our event. Therefore we give you a link where you can find the next cash points in Ballenstedt. You can take a walk of 2,5km or take the… Read more


Due to the still predominant drought we’d like to advice you that open fire and the burning of fireworks is prohibited at the festival. Please don’t endanger yourself and others and take this prohibition serious. We have set up our 24 hour taken… Read more


Our partners von again worked their flat out and organised top signing sessions for you. The concrete times are available here and in our program. Thursday, July 9th 2015 15:15 LETZTE INSTANZ 16:15 EMIL BULLS 17:00 SKALMÖLD 17:45… Read more


That the guys of VOLKSMETAL are always good for a surprise is well-known. But, that they bring beer king IKKE HÜFTGOLD to this year’s ROCKHARZ to play his party hit „Dicke Titten, Kartoffelsalat“ in a volksmetal way has reduced us to silence…. Read more


Repeated madness! The second time in a row our 3 day tickets are sold out two weeks before the festival starts! The pre-sale of the tickets through our shop is stopped. Eventim and the other pre-sale options will do it as well soon. Only Metalix… Read more


Finaly, the running order for our festival is online. Please note that changes in the running order are possible. Here you can find the running order on the homepage and as PDF… Read more

PANZER and DELAIN swap their appearance days

Due to scheduling reasons PANZER and DELAIN swap their appearance days. Therefore PANZER will already overrun you on Thursday and in favour DELAIN will enter the stage on… Read more


After their succsesfull show last year and in order to present you a worthy replacement for the unfornutunately prevented AGRYPNIE, HERETOIR will be at ROCKHARZ 2015 again. You can expect a show with new… Read more

Unfortunately AGRYPNIE had to cancel their show

Yesterday we received a message that AGRYPNIE unfortunately have to cancel their show on this year’s edition of ROCKHARZ. We wish the band all the best, get well soon! Read the band’s statement here: Cancellation Rock Harz Festival Due health… Read more



Before we supply you with the concrete times of the running order, you can now have a look at the allocation of the bands from Wednesday until Saturady in alphabetic order. Here we go: Wednesday, 8.7.2015 EKTOMORF ELVENKING SERIOUS… Read more


BILLING complete! All bands for the ROCKHARZ 2015 are set!

52 bands will play at the festival this year, six of them will perform for you on Wednesday at the AFM-Label-Night. As every year we have chosen an attractive and illustrious selection of bands, which fits into the festival history. You can expect… Read more


Yesterday we had to put you on the rack, but today we can lift the secret: The last band for the AFM-Label-Night is WE BUTTER THE BREAD WITH BUTTER! This crazy, absolutely unique band from Brandenburg cleaned up very well at their last visit and you… Read more


In the last year the band, which filled in for SOILWORK, shook the earth around the Dark Stage. Well known for their Groove Metal hymns the Hungarians are an indisputable live force. Therefore we are happy to present another highlight for the… Read more


The band from Göttingen has a successfull career as has been proved by two chart entrances and live the band also convinced, for example on their tour with EISBRECHER. With their last album „Adamant“ they outdo themselves once more. By now they are… Read more


Active for more than 20 years, countless live shows all over the world and fantastic albums, that speaks for itself. SUIDAKRA stands for a unique mixture of Melodic Death Metal and Celtic/Folk! The fantastic songwriting and the epic melodies are… Read more


Italy and Power Metal, a mixture that simply fits! But ELVENKING enriches their sound constantly with Folk Metal influences, and filigree guitar solos meeting the fantastic effects of classical instruments like the violin. In the past year the… Read more


You know BLIND GUARDIAN, HELLOWEEN and MASTERPLAN? Than look out for a top class lesson in Power Metal. SERIOUS BLACK were not only formed by current and past members of the bands named above but also prooved with „As Dylight Breaks“ (2014, AFM… Read more


Two years ago the guys from Konstanz played a great show on our Devil’s Wall Stage and now they will return with their high class mixture of typical Metal instruments combined with saxophone and tuba. Folk music meets Metal or to make it simple:… Read more


Denmark and a Thrash Metal legend? It’s not hard to guess who is meant. With their fulminant album „Legions“ (2013) the sixtett has shown that they aren’t too old to set your hairs in motion. Often wished for the ROCKHARZ and in July they will… Read more

BAND countdown: The last bands & AFM Label night as countdown through Eastern

We are close to the line up completion for this year’s ROCKHARZ. Two bands for the ROCKHARZ and all bands for the AFM label night on Wednesday, July 8th are still waiting for their announcement! To make it more exciting and to sweeten your holidays,… Read more

Rental toilets are completely sold out

All rental toilets, the ones connected to caravan parking spots with electricity as well as any parking spot with electricity, are completely sold out. At this point we want to advise you again, that it is not possible to instruct an external… Read more


Anneke van Giersbergen presents THE GENTLE STORM

Anneke van Giersbergen has a wunderful voice. This isn’t a secret since her time as vocalist of THE GATHERING. For a long time the likable Dutch vocalist has an enthusiastic, loyal and ever-growing fan base. Her new project alongside Arjen Anthony… Read more


A name as powerful as their music – PANZER! The all star formation formed by scene legends Schmier (DESTURCTION), Herman Frank (ACCEPT, VICTORY) and Stefan Schwarzmann (ACCEPT) has satisfied all expectations with their fantastic debut album „Send… Read more


Start to train your jumping skill. It’s not only warming but also the perfect preparation for the return of the Groove Metal god Max Cavalera into the Harz mountains. In July, SOULFLY will bring you best South American Groove Metal rhythms again. As… Read more


For several years, this formation from Berlin has taken their listeners back into the past and transformed every stage on which they stood into a medieval scenery. Dancing is a must during their shows and the last time they have proven this to us… Read more


The name means insomnia, but when the mere mortals quit, frontman Torsten (also singer of NOCTE OBDUCTA) starts. Found in 2004 as a solo project, AGRYPNIE is now a full band which inspires not only on CD but also live, because the passion of their… Read more


Powerful and groovy, two attributes the erstwhile winners of Wacken Metal Battle are standing for since 2004. On their albums they combine everything that modern Groove Metal needs and mix it to a killing dose. The songs of their current self-titled… Read more


For lovers of atmospheric Black Metal the band which was founded erstwhile by Winterherz as a solo-project, is an absolute must have since their debüt album „Herbstklagen“ (2009). The combination of Black Metal and sporadic acoustic and… Read more


These guys from Sweden are a true Viking Metal legend. Their name, taken from a wolf of the northern mythology, couldn’t fit better. Because as fast and merciless their style may be in the harsher and quicker parts, as graceful and sublime it is… Read more


If you are talking about Progressive Metal, THIS is the band you’re talking about! Since their foundation they have influenced dozens of musicians and bands and are now going to be part of the ROCKHARZ for the first time. Sine 1985 the names… Read more


You can call those dutch around lead singer Simone Simons European chartjackers since „The Divine Conspiracy“ (2007) and that hasn’t changed until today. The current masterpiece „The Quantum Enigma“ (2014) has also found its place in the top… Read more


There is no need for big words for this quartet from the US. For more than 21 years this Industrial Metal legend has been in the business and at least the classic „Replica“ should be familiar to every metalhead. It’s a great pleasure for us to… Read more


The name of the band is a synonym for the origin in the Black Forest. Their music is a musical landscape of deep woods – atmospheric Pagan Metal that isn’t afraid of song lengths of more than ten minutes. It’s no question, FINSTERFORST are one the… Read more


They got a new female vocalist last October, and a new album is due in May 2014! There is a lot going on at XANDRIA but the results are always fantastic. „Neverworld’s End“ (2012) is the latest evidence, an album which has achieved the quality of… Read more


Lyrics which either send chills down your spine or will make you laugh out loud, a mixture of genres which can’t be put into boxes easily and on to top of all that several hits, which prove the cult status of the band. You can’t imagine the German… Read more


The bandname PETER PAN SPEEDROCK is always very fitting when the band enters a stage. Fans of the band from the Netherlands had to wait a long time – since 2010, to be exact. It was the year of the release of their last album „We Want Blood“, but… Read more


The summer will be hot, really hot! SONIC SYNDICATE are working on their fourth album and you know what this means: The Modern Metal highlight of 2014 is not far away! Besides new songs you can expect the hits from the past albums of the Swedes –… Read more


Honest, dirty and with lots of rough edges: 9MM are one of the real heavy weights on Germany’s Hard’n’Heavy streets. The solo band of Rock Rotten is well known for their exciting live shows, dozens of catchy songs  and a snotty attitude – and… Read more


Energy and passion are only two attributes which do justice to the current HAMMERCULT album „Steelcrusher“. The band from Israel has already proved on their debut album „Anthems Of The Damned“ that they can keep up with the big names in the genre…. Read more


Only a few bands can look back on such a successful history as BATTLE BEAST. Right with their debut album „Steel“ (2011) Nuclear Blast became aware of the Finnish band and in 2012 they supported NIGHTWISH on their tour through Russia. Not even the… Read more


Unfornatualy they had to cancel their show at the DEVIL’S WALL TROPHY 2014 but in July the heretic clan will take a hike to the Harz Mountains. So, take your most noble clothes because VOGELFREY invites you at ROCKHARZ 2014 to a Folk Rock event with… Read more


Attention, geography fans: The Maldives are an insulate state in the Indian Ocean with a population that is far less than half a millon – and right from there are NOTHNEGAL. The Melodic Death Metal band has released their great debut album… Read more


It is time for another German Thrash Metal legend! Of course it is not difficult to guess which band we are talking about but wherever „Schmier“ and Co. go – neck pain is guaranteed! Besides their current album „Spiritual Genocide“ the Thrash… Read more


Grab your drinking horn, the heathens are going to visit the ROCKHARZ 2014! The band from the Netherlands, whose special charme lies in their two vocalists, will make you dance. Of course HEIDEVOLK will empty some horns with you, too, as long as you… Read more


Their second album „Rosenkreuzer“ was released last year and directly entered the German album charts. Which is no surprise because the band offers dozens of catchy and dark Gothic Rock hymns. So, forget your morals and practice your singing skills… Read more

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